Organizer Registration for Event/Company
Please keep the username and password to share with your event/company participants

Thank you for using our asymptomatic testing program to keep your event/company safe.
This is where you will be registering your event/company for your participants to login and send their information for us to mail them a test or tests. Once we have received the information we will send an invoice once payment is arranged we will deliver same day typically. The participants will self administer the test and upload a picture of the result to our site which we will organize and send to you in a spread sheet.
Once you register you will share the username and password with the participants, along with this message filling in the username, password, and date/dates:
Please go to and click on the "Event/Company Asymptomatic Program Login" in the menu bar at the top right of website. Please login using the following; User name: Password: After login please enter your information and wait for test to be delivered. After you receive delivery please administer the test on this/these date/dates:
After completion of test/tests take a picture of results and go to the covid test result submit and upload picture.
Thank you for participating.

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